Omaha Hip-Hop

Omaha Hip Hop
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Omaha, Nebraska
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OTR Entertainment, also under the alias of OTR Familia or OTR Fam, specializing in Latin hip hop with offices in South Omaha, NE and Chicago, features a variety of artists on their label, including Xpreshin aka XP Brigante, OMC[disambiguation needed], and Mix Of Combinations aka MOC. Currently with three projects on their resume, Xpreshin and Prominence 'The Commencement', OMC's 'It Is What It Is' and 'It Takes What It Took' and MOC with OTR Afta School's 'The Cirriculum'. OTR Entertainment has had artists open up for acts such as Latin sensation bachata group Aventura, Kumbia Kings, Krazy Race, and Pitbull. OTR Entertainment has also had artists that have collaborated with heavy hitters Krazy Race, underground hip hop legend from California and Armageddon, former member of Fat Joe's Terror Squad and executive producer of Fat Joe's J.O.S.E album.[15] Jerry Wade, aka DJ Kamikaze, was first a member of Omaha's Posse-N-Effect. Their first show was in 1989 in Miller Park in North Omaha. Pigeon John, an increasingly popular Christian rapper, is originally from Omaha. Cerone Thompson, known as Scrybe, has had a number one single on college radio stations across the United States. He has also had several number one hits on the local hip hop station respectively titled, "Lose Control" and "Do What U Do".

Mars Black, perhaps the Omaha rapper with the most national exposure, has released an album on New York City's Team Love Records label. However, in a review of the Mars Black album Folks Music, one reviewer noted that Mars describes the Omaha hip-hop scene as "almost non-existent". Continuing about the album, the reviewer writes, "It's only in such a desolate music environment that his pitiful flow, painfully corny emo-rhymes, and insulting bling-boasts could exist."

Original 5 Productions was founded in 2001 by Tomas Contreras in Omaha, NE. This cutting edge label’s sole purpose is to break into the mainstream music industry while keeping its roots firmly planted in the Midwest. The label has had two major releases in its short existence; its very own CEO's Tomas Contreras’ release of “Reborn In Tha Mind” (available at all Homers Record stores) under the alias Tomas C and “The Eclipse is Season…The World is Ours” (also available at all Homers Record Stores) a group effort including 3 members: Tomas C, Durrtee Davinci and Big Purp aka Dj Poppa Lock under the name Tha Originators. Original 5 Productions latest release is Tomas C’s sophomore album “The Resurrection of Killer Cortez EP” released June 2011. The album was well received containing legitimate lyrical content mixed with political and” good time” lyrics. With many shows under its belt and a strong underground movement, this label’s rise will continue all the way until superstardom and national notoriety is achieved.

Other recently released artists include Afta Lyfe on Straight Ball'n Records, Cornbread on Outta Bounds Records, and Toot on Utopia Entertainment. Articulate, ShYnE, Dark Reign, Ice Money, D' Cypher, Crazze C, Ty-G & Drew Beatz, H.O.B Records, Papillion X, DavieBoi, Buck Bowen, Eddie Winston, Block Movement with Stylo and Latin Threat, Guerrilla X, Dubbsixx, Prophecy, The Galantz, Murder Game, Rush-1, Conchance, Black Jonny Quest, D-Lo, Saint Patrick, Ramm, Jamazz, and Surreal The MC of Noizewave Tomas C of Original 5 Productions Purp Nasty of Original 5 Productions Galvanized Tron (J.Stephens Music) are some of Omaha's most frequent live hip-hop performers.

Today many hip hop shows are held at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha's Little Bohemia, as well as The Clabourne, Formally Cleopatra's on Ames Street.

Omaha Hip-Hop
The Basement Society is a collective of emcees whose Hip Hop origin is a direct result of being in "the basement." As one of Omahas' earliest Hip-Hop units,this crew was a predetermined idea of Omaha emcee, Superior DBX. After presenting the idea to long time friend and fellow emcee, Jay Money, things started to come together. The crew consisted of DBX, N-tellect, Jay Money, Kee Lo Z and All Ayz(RIP). The Basement took the streets by storm after running around challenging anybody who wanted to battle and smashing the competition. They became known for their live performances, which brought them household name status. The Basement's first recording was a song called "Its Over" on 1993's "Parental Advisory"(the first local project release), on which they dissed the Young Rebels, another prominent Omaha crew. After beefin' with the Young Rebels(and a few other crews), Basement Society released their debut ep "Who Downstairs?" in April of 1994, which started out on a successful path. "Who Downstairs?" was probably the most popular project released under the watchful eye of DJ Suicide.
Midwest Alliance
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Noizewave is a Hip-hop group from the Omaha/Council Bluffs area that was formed in February of 1997 by MC brothers Zack Hennings aka MC Surreal , Lucas Hennings aka MC AP(Aro Pok) also out of Sioux City Felipe Camarillo AKA Disco Stu. Taking their name from a character Noizewave from the Cartoon Transformers they released 2 tapes, A Vinyl record along with 5 CDs to date. NoizeWave rocks the Disorderly Conduct label and have opened for the likes of The Sugarhill Gang, Kottonmouth Kings, Phunk Junkeez, Vanilla Ice, The Urge, Slighty Stoopid, and Primer 55, just to name a few! The members have been on national and local radio and tv many times over the years and have been one of Omahas most busy Hip-Hop groups in the city. The Queen Latifah Show,  Video Diversity, (Run by Omahas very own Chris Cradock) Secondary Emission, 89.7 FM The River, Channel 94.1, FM  *NoiseWave is Mos Def O.G. out the Midwest!!
Omaha is also home to a growing underground hip hop scene. For a long period of time, the scene was defined by North High School graduate Houston Alexander, aka Strong Arm, Scrib or  FAS/ONE. In the 1980s he led a hip hop movement in North Omaha called the Scribble Crew as an alliance of graffiti writers who developed a reputation as the top tag artists in the area. The art stands today at 24th and Binney Streets, to 16th and Corby Streets, and other North Omaha locations, and is still respected by the community. His Midwest Alliance act was active through the 1990s and into the new millennium, and is seen as influential on the Omaha scene. Today Alexander is a DJ on a local radio station in Omaha that hosts an independent music show featuring local hip hop, and he facilitates an elementary school program that teaches students about hip hop called the "Culture Shock School Tour". Many Omaha Native Hip-Hop Artist artist featured throughout KURBZLANGs site have participated in the CSST. Alexander has also been vocal about Omaha's lack of support for its hip hop artists.
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Since 1986, Todd Reese who is also known as DJ Suicide has been involved with Hip Hop in one form or fashion. Whether it was dancing with his Bboying crew, releasing over 60 mix tapes, providing production to over 20 commercially released albums, a radio personality, owning/operating his own recording studio, or running a record label, Todd Reese has always been actively involved with Hip Hop.

Today, with the alliance of companies like Major Contacts and Taxi, he has compiled an extensive production catalog that he has made available to independent artist, advertisement agencies, and record, film and television companies. He has had his music played in all 50 states and over 14 different foreign countries. His music has been used in commercials, web sites, movie trailers; pod casts, plays, Las Vegas shows, and has been forwarded by A&R reps to heavy hitters like the G - Unit and Nintendo Wii and others........

Specialties:B-boy, Emcee, DJ, Producer, Writer, Audio Engineer, Manager, Music Publisher, Mixtape Host, Radio Personality
        Todd Reese - DJ. SUICIDE
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